Intent vs. Resolve

How do you move forward? Make progress? Achieve your goals?

I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions. Mostly because they don’t seem to stick around very long. So I’ve been working on ways to move forward in my life, and I find “intent” seems to be far more powerful—and long lasting—than “resolve”.

Some people plan it all out. Make to-do lists and timetables and deadlines. Get their butt-in-the-chair-hands-on-the-keyboard (BICHOC) every day. They probably write story outlines too.

Others are more “organic”, “going with the flow”, writing when inspiration strikes. Thinker-turned-daydreamer. Pantsers.

I admire organized people. I am not one.

 “Intent” isn’t setting deadlines or specific goals for myself. That has to happen sometimes, don’t get me wrong. But with “intent”, I can pick up one thing and work on it. If that’s not working, I can pick up something else. I can forgive myself if I don’t have enough energy to meet my intention for the day—unlike failing to uphold a resolution.

This is perhaps the intersection of language and personality, for me at least. My wordsmith-editor soul appreciates the inherent irony, and my struggling human self appreciates the breathing space.

So. Intentions. What do I *intend* to accomplish in 2019?

*Deep breath*
*Focus on writing and editing*
Okay, not my whole life then. Whew. We don’t have enough time for that kind of therapy!

In 2019, I intend to develop another anthology project. I’m not ready to announce or describe it yet, but I’ve been talking with several people who are interested to participate, and everyone seems very enthusiastic about it. I have a publisher’s interest, and we need to finalize a timeline and logistics, then we can move forward. This is both exhilarating and frustrating. The frustration stems from depending on other people’s “bandwidth”—my current go-to word for our capacity to get things done. (My day-job is in IT, what can I say?)

I’ve been thinking about trying some voice work for a long time, and I’ve started first steps in that direction. I’m going to make recordings of some of my own work, and seek out opportunities in audio-book narration and other voice work.

I also intend to do more writing in 2019. That’s been a struggle for me for the past few years, and I still am not quite sure how best to manage it, to make it happen. But I’ve had a lot of ideas brewing lately, and some old characters have started talking to me again. I want to share their stories with you all. Someday.

Here’s where “intent” may prove better than “resolve” for me. I tend to make specific resolutions, like “I’m going to post a new blog entry every day” (or once a week, or one a month, or whatever). Then if/when I don’t achieve them, I get mired and spiral down in failure and self-criticism. See, told you this was part therapy session!

So, dear Reader, what are ways that you help/make yourself move forward to achieve your goals? I’d love to hear what works for you!

(But if you’re one of those people who does the dishes and takes care of all your mail every day, don’t tell me. I might hate you a little bit.)

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