Tell the Story

I’m writing a book that I don’t know I’ll be able to sell.

Of course no book comes with a guarantee that it’s going to sell (and that may be the topic of another post), but this one has its risks.

Risk #1: I am writing someone who is not me. Really not me. How am I going about it? That, friends IS the subject of another post. The bottom line is that the book may not sell because of it.

Risk #2: I’m writing both within, and outside of, my wheelhouse. I’m adding new elements, pushing myself. It’s a risk because those elements\genres are beginning to blend, but only just and I don’t know if anyone will be willing to take a risk on me.

Risk #3: This goes hand in hand with Risks 1 and 2. I am writing characters who aren’t me – in other respects. Again, the book may not sell for the same reasons outlined in Risks 1 and 2.

Yeah, kinda vague, but that’s intentional.

Some of the risks I can mitigate through revision. I can tone stuff down (if I’ve gone too far). I can hire readers to tell me where I’ve mis-stepped. And I can pull things wholesale. None of the plot hinges on any of it.

But Risk # 3 is probably a hill I’ll choose to die on if it comes to that.

So here I am, 64 k words into it, and hoping to have the first draft done by Oct 1st. I’m concerned…and a little worried.

But this is the story. I haven’t been tempted to start something new. Not once. This book has its hooks into me and the only way to get free of it is to finish the thing.

And I’m afraid I’m wasting my time.

On one level, the above statement is utter rubbish. I am a firm believer that no amount of time spent writing is ever wasted, let alone the time it takes to write a single novel.

On another level, it’s a legitimate concern. Come October first, I will have spent 11 months drafting this book. Figure another few months in revision. That’s a lot of time to spend on a book that goes nowhere.

But it’s the story I’m writing. And I believe in it. If I don’t believe in it, that it can go anywhere – and I do – nobody else will.

So get out there. Test yourself. Take a chance. DO YOUR RESEARCH, and go for it.

Tell your story…even if your voice shakes.



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