Get Up and Move

As human beings, we’re not exactly equipped for sitting down for long stretches at a time. Which is exactly what a writer does.

I wanted to mention this right in front of everything else because it’s important to your health to, well, get up and move every now and again*.

That isn’t what I wanted to talk about today, but it does bear mentioning. Get up, get out there.

So, recently, I had a couple of days strung together where I wasn’t day-jobbing. It was also a string of days where it was pretty nice outside, unlike today where the view from my window includes fish.











On those nice days, I decided to get up and move. I took a walk. Now, normally, when I do this, I’ll bring the phone along, plug in the Earbuds of Silence +5,** and let the music play. I’ll do this when I want to get a bit of a workout from the walk.

This time around, though, I…

Well I still brought the phone, but I left everything else behind, and walked slowly. While I did, my head was still cooking with the ideas from the writing session I’d just left. By the time I was done, I had a direction to go for the next day. And the one after that.

So if you’re in a part of the world where it currently isn’t raining so hard that the ducks are wearing life vests, I would recommend unplugging if you get stuck (or even if you’re not stuck) and getting out and taking a walk. It’ll be good for you, and…

You never know what you might come back with.


*So says the guy that spends several hours a weekend sitting down and blogging, on top of all the sitting down and writing…

**The ones that cancelled out nearly an entire game of Cards Against Humanity taking place inches away from me.

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