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The last thing I wanted to do today was write a blogpost on productivity. I tried to write about setting and character, but “productivity” kept popping up in my prose. So today, let’s talk about staying organized.

Last year, I started a bullet journal. For those of you not in the know, a bullet journal is the hipster way to call a paper calendar/journal/todo list/FOMO tracker/all-in-one diary. There are reams of blogs devoted JUST TO THIS SUBJECT. I am not kidding…. page upon page of pics of journal page design and advice. It reminded me a bit of the scrapbooking photo phenomena. If you want to see a few examples, google “bullet journal.” I’ll wait.

Okay, everyone back now? I knew I needed a way to keep my writing to do lists and thoughts separate from my daily life, and I also knew that I did not have time to color in pages on a journal. So I just started out with a simple grid of the month, a list of goals to achieve, and voila! A bullet journal was born.

Over time, I have tweaked the journal- it now is a combo that holds almost everything about my writing life- thoughts on WIP, deadlines, character sketches, ideas for blogposts, calendars, etc. I like that a bullet journal can be whatever you want it to be- all you need is a blank notebook and a pen.

Enter 2018. I loved my bullet journal, but guess what? I am a digital girl. I don’t carry around my journal everywhere. My best thoughts are not when I am attached to my journal, they are when I am out for a long walk with the dogs, or late at night, you get the idea. The downfall of the paper bullet journal is that it is a physical device you must physically have close to you to record your information. So…. I am starting the digital equivalent of a bullet journal this year.

I am using the app Notability on my iphone and ipad, primarily because it works well with the ipad Pro and an Apple pencil. It works just as well on my iphone and desktop, with plain text input.  I always have one of these devices on hand, and makes for easy access to my journal.

I start a note page for each month, and start annotating my thoughts. So far (28 days into the month) it has worked well. The only downfall is that I still have to keep a separate reminder list that is tied to my calendar for alerts, which is no different process than what I followed for the paper bullet journal.

However you keep yourself organized, the key is to have a process that works for you. Try a few things, and see if that note-taking app that you downloaded several months ago and never really used could be transformed into your own digital bullet journal.

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  • I have the same issue with my calendar. I keep pretty much everything on it, but I might update it maybe once a week. My NoMaj job sits me at a desk all day, so having a wall calendar in front of me with everything on it helps. Digital would probably be a much better way to go.

    I hate that I had to upgrade my phone like a month and a half before the Galaxy Note 8 came out. I hade the Note edge, and that thing was amazing. The stylus definitely helps with calendars and the like.

    I’m not really an Apple kind of guy. Does Notability also come on Android?

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