So, this post will be short today, as I have just rolled back home from Awesome Con in Washington, DC which was, well, awesome:) Plus it is Father’s Day, so I need to make a blueberry cobbler for the fathers in my life. I’ll blog about Awesome Con over on my website, Lillian Archer, for those interested.

Last week, at the Roaring Writers retreat, the incomparable John Hartness came to share some writerly wisdom with us, and it was terrific.

One of the questions asked was how to get words on page each day. Every writing crutch or obstacle we threw at him, he crushed with his advice. Here are a few of the pearls he shared.

Problem- I have a hard time re-editing the words on page, so I keep rewriting the same scene, but never move forward.

Solution- Open a new file document each day, so that you don’t see the work you did before, so you are forced to write new words on the page.

Problem- I have a hard time starting to write each day.

Solution- Instead of stopping a scene at the end, as you get close to your word count, stop the scene at a high point. This will naturally make it easier for you to write the next day, and that momentum will keep you moving towards a word goal.

Problem- I don’t have time for social media. If I devote time to that, I don’t have time to write.

Solution- make a writing schedule each week that includes a time block for social media. Then, schedule blogposts in advance, or bulk schedule promotional items so that you can turn the rest of your attention during the week to actually writing your story.

Hope these tidbits help.

Most importantly, keep writing. It’s hard to edit a blank page.


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