Meet Debut Author Freya Faust: Queer Authors and A Place in Urban Fantasy


I’m just going to say that I read this story last year, fell in love, and am now #TeamBurke for life.


“Hello, Zuko Here.”

I’m Freya Faust, an emerging indie author who is guest-posting today because the amazing Janet Walden-West gave me the time and space to say hello and promote my debut novel, Stray Dogs (The Burke Misadventures Book 1).

Look at this gorgeous cover by the amazingly-talented Natasha Snow

Stray Dogs is an Urban Fantasy romp full of swears, banter, action, magic, and autobiographical trans angst all in equal measure.

I originally conceptualized Stray Dogs thanks to an idea my brother and I had, no joke, sitting in the car as we drove to a Weird Al Yankovic concert back in 2009. That’s the level of genius we’re working with here, folks. My brother, who is a voracious reader, had recently introduced me to the Dresden Files and I was flying through them at a blistering pace. I had grown up on a healthy diet of Weis and Hickman, so Fantasy and Sci Fi are my bread and butter, but something about the Urban Fantasy setting, the intertwining of mundane, everyday society with the supernatural, grabbed me by the throat and demanded attention.

But one thing that soured this wildly famous series is the way the author–who I adore and respect–made everything so… cis and straight. And, spoiler alert, I’m hella queer, so when I went to pen my own self-insert Urban Fantasy trash, by god it was going to be queer self-insert Urban Fantasy trash with all the razor wit and magical action you’ve come to expect front the genre.

The influences on Stray Dogs don’t stop there. Like many authors of my generation, I cut my teeth on fanfic and RP forums and, like many authors of my generation, I borrowed relentlessly from those old ideas. Some of the characters you’ll meet later in the story, a handful of the most powerful mages in the world of Stray Dogs are–and I cannot believe I’m admitting this–originally characters from a professional wrestling roleplay e-federation that my brother and I frequented as teens and young adults.

As I said. GENIUS.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the first review I’ve received on goodreads, which honestly blows my mind:

“Quite frankly the fantasy book world needs more champions for the LGBT community, and I think Stray Dogs hits the mark. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series, but pick up a copy and see for yourself. You won’t regret it.”

If any of what you’ve read or seen sparks your interest, follow this link, read the blurb, give it a go. I’ve been told by people that aren’t my mom it’s a pretty fun read.
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