Normal, Until It Isn’t

My knees are pretty beat up.

It started back in High School, and has been a roller coaster of good days, weeks, months, and not so good days, weeks, months of pain, cracking, popping, etc.

TL;DR: This is one of those not so good days.

It started on Friday. I don’t know how long before then, I’d been unconsciously letting my leg drag a little, but Friday, in the middle of a turn, my shoe caught on the carpet and stopped.

My entire lower leg shot through with electric tingles, which brings me to today, where I can’t really straighten it 100% because of fluid build up.

Yeah, I know what to do about it, but the big question you must all be wondering about is:

“What the hell does this have to do with writing?”

First is the reminder to get up and move every now and again.

The second, and more important point is this:

It didn’t happen overnight.

Sure there was the final incident, but I’d been either ignoring, or was unaware of everything that led up to that point.

The only constant in life is change, gradual or otherwise. Might be there’s a time coming where you sit down to write and it doesn’t come as easily as it did. Maybe it doesn’t come at all. Might be that time has already come, and you’re struggling with it.

That’s when you’ve got to take stock of what happened, and turn up the self care – the metaphorical bags of ice for your writerly brain and, despite urges to do otherwise, either dial it back a bit, or take a break entirely.

Your work can’t happen if you’re not there to do it.

Take care of yourself. You’re the only you, you’ve got.

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