The Road So Far

As is my MO, I had another post outlined (that poor structure and pacing post has been dumped so many times that it’s developing self-esteem issues), but a new-shiny presented itself for this weeks blog.

Maybe not so much presented as dive-bombed into my lap after two weeks of stress, whinging to my crit partners, research, and alternating between staring at my inbox and staring at the calendar. 

All of which is a roundabout way of saying I signed with an agent this week.

It’s been a journey, y’all. 9-ish years, a steep learning curve, good feedback, bad feedback, brutal-but-necessary feedback, lots of awful words, some good words, a select few really-pretty-damn good words, multiple manuscripts, contests and pitches, a couple hundred queries, and a few heartbreaking near misses.

I’ll admit that when I started this journey, I didn’t have a roadmap. Poor, naïve summer child that I was, I didn’t know one existed. I never sat down and articulated, “Hey, I want to write a book,” or “Hey, I want to be published.” Instead, words evolved into a story, which evolved into an urban fantasy series. Three + books and a handful of short stories, so far. I love that world and those characters. Because I’ve lived with it so long, there’s so much depth and world-building, along with the snark and drama. I see these characters in my dreams.

Those characters and years of plotting didn’t land me an agent.

A stand-alone romance did. Not even a romantic suspense, that at least contained elements of that snark and drama, but a contemporary romance full of Miami chic and Southern poverty.

Not the same world, not the same genre.

Will this manuscript be my debut?

Who knows? Maybe it’s just another significant mile-marker on my journey.

Basically, this post is a reminder to stop on the regular, take stock of where you are, think about where you want to be—because it’s okay to change your mind—and then pivot or adjust accordingly. There’s always more than one way to get to any destination.

Safe travels, and I’ll see y’all down the road.

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