Good Intentions

Guys. I have a semi-coherent post sitting on my hard drive, full of semi-helpful tips on gauging pacing in a story. You aren’t getting that post though. Instead, today’s post is brought to you by the rampant inequality in publishing.

Specifically, a dumpster fire that came after yearly nominations for published works in one of my professional writing organizations. An organization that’s been called out in the recent past, and is (mostly) trying to do better.

Good intentions only go so far, though. A look at the statistics show just how badly good intentions alone fail. Take a peek at these, if you need more proof.

The Diversity Gap in Children’s Publishing.

The State of Racial Diversity in Romance Publishing.

Check out this Twitter thread for real statistics.

Before any haters jump on the “romance is talentless mommy porn, what’da’ya expect” train, let me add that similar statistics hold across traditionally published genres. Yep, our beloved SF/F, too (check out any Hugo/Sad Puppies thread). YA is doing a bit better. But only in comparison.  Take a look at the shelved titles in the few B&N and BAM left, then come argue with me.

“Good intentions” are the writing world’s “thoughts and prayers.” A pretty but useless platitude. 

In the spirit of doing something tangible, let me get off my ass and make an offer. If you are a marginalized unpublished writer, I’m always available to help with query letters, synopsis, and first chapters. If you have contest questions, I’m here for it. If you write in a genre I’m not qualified to comment on, I will help you find someone better qualified.

If you’re a marginalized published writer, my personal blog is always there for guest posts, cover reveals, and blog hops. If you have a book out, drop me a note and I’ll pimp it on social media.

If we’re both at a con or a chapter event or a signing and you don’t know anyone, come sit with me. I’m easy to spot—just scan for the brown chick who looks like a Santorini sunset blew up in her closet.

If you’re second-guessing attending a con or chapter meeting because you aren’t sure how you’ll be welcomed? My contact information is all over this blog, my personal blog/website, and Twitter—hit me up and at least you won’t have to walk in alone.

It ain’t much, because I’m no one in the writing world and I have zero clout, but I’ll try. I’m also always open to suggestions.

If you’re a marginalized newbie writer looking for your crew, here’s a woefully short list of chapters, organizations, grants, and foundations that can also offer tangible help.

CIMRA-Cultural, Interracial, Multicultural Romance Chapter

Rainbow Romance Writers-LQBTQIA+ RWA Chapter

Binders Mentorship Program-Designed to support the next generation of women and gender non-conforming writers.

Asian Romance Writer Space

Forever Publishing’s “All Love, All Voices” open call for #ownvoices stories.

Hawai’I State Foundation on Culture and the Arts

First Peoples Fund

The Native American Literature Symposium

Native American & Indigenous Writers Association

Indigenous Comic Con

Tu Books New Vision Award-A yearly award and contract for AOC writing MG/YA spec fic

People of Color in Publishing

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