Handing the Reins to Jean Rabe!

Today Jean Rabe is here to write about her journey to a million words. No, it’s not a million words long, she’s had just that many books and articles written. And a new book, the second in the Piper Blackwell series, The Dead of Night, will be out September 15th. I’ve reait and it’s wonderful! Enjoy! (There’s a Rafflecopter giveaway as well. Someday I will learn to properly imbed them into blogs, but if you read all the way thru there are some wonderful prizes you can win. And all relate to Piper!)


Million Words

I’ve always been a writer of one stripe or another, starting as a news reporter back in my college days…the Northern Star, Rockford Register Star, Quincy Herald-Whig, Evansville Press. I covered all manner of topics: health, education, transportation (and airplane crashes), courts, police (more murders than I care to count), and politics (from locals to U.S. Presidents). When I ran a news bureau in Western Kentucky, the city desk dubbed me a “gore reporter.” If it was gory and within 150 miles of my bureau, the story was mine. After a while I got tired of real-life violence and turned my attention to fictional pursuits.

I took a job as the Role Playing Games Network Coordinator for TSR in Lake Geneva, WI. They were the then-producers of the Dungeons & Dragons game. I went on to right game material, then fiction, about a dozen novels for their line. I’ve written tie-in fiction for the Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, Shadowrun, Star Wars, Rogue Angel, and Transformers settings. And I’ve written original fantasy, science fiction, and now mysteries. I love mysteries. This genre fits me best, I think. I have thirty-eight novels published.

I’ve also edited magazines, anthologies, game material, and novels. And because of my crime-reporting background I got to write a true crime book with F. Lee Bailey, When the Husband is the Suspect.

My current project is my Piper Blackwell series. The Dead of Winter came out in the fall of 2016. The Dead of Night releases this September. I’m plotting the third Piper book now.

Unless I’m on vacation (a rare event, unfortunately), or visiting my father-in-law, I write every day…even if it’s just a little bit. Work days for me are typically 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., with breaks for walking my aging pug and throwing tennis balls to my two young Labradors and indefatigable Boston terrier. Dogs are great, gets me away from the keyboard. And they give me ideas for characters. I once wrote a fantasy trilogy where the goblin heroes were patterned after dogs who shared their lives with me.

I think if you don’t write every single day, it makes it easier not to write, easier not to finish a book. I know writers who have missed deadlines because they got hooked on a Turner Classic Movies series or became addicted to a computer game. Except for Sunday football, the television doesn’t get turned on until the evening. And I tend to avoid computer games. I’d much rather sit at a table with friends and physically roll dice.

I sound pretty boring, eh? But I think I have an awesome life. It is filled with telling stories, reading books, visiting museums, participating in fantasy football leagues, and playing with dogs. Out of all those things, I love dogs the best.

I don’t think of myself as superstitious, but I have tons of quirks. I order my cheeseburgers plain at fast food restaurants; I hate raw onions, pickles, and Polish sausage; I won’t have a drop of alcohol if I’m alone (my mother had a drinking problem and one of my friends is an alcoholic…so I tend to shy away from the stuff); I hate flying and would rather drive everywhere (maybe because on a plane-crash story…I once picked flesh out of the grooves of my tennis shoes); I like to shop at Walmart; when the weather is fine (or barely good enough) I write on a laptop on my back porch; and I avoid movies at the theater if they have a run-time of less than two hours, because I believe otherwise I’m not getting my money’s worth (shorter than two hours and I wait for them to pop up on TV).

What completes my day?  

  • A functioning computer
  • Dogs at my feet
  • And a pot of tea

What would make that day perfect?

  • Summer
  • And writing on my back porch
  • With dogs at my feet


My web page and blog: www.jeanrabe.com

And my Amazon author page at: https://www.amazon.com/Jean-Rabe/e/B00J1QR5U2/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_1

I have a newsletter filled with tidbits about my upcoming books, reviews of things I’m reading, and writing advice. You can subscribe here: http://jeanrabe.us14.list-manage1.com/subscribe?u=89364515308e8b5e7ffdf6892&id=9404531a4b

THANK YOU JEAN! I have to get off my duff and do some of my own writing!

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