Savor the Moment

It’s not like this hasn’t been said before, but writing is hard work. Some days, it can be a slog. I’m not going to try and refute that here, or try and put any kind of spin on it to make it seem otherwise.

Writing is hard work.

But there are times…

And, if you’re a writer, you know the times I’m talking about.

Those Times.

Times when the work flows out of your fingers like water, like electricity, almost faster than you can type, or skritch it out with a pencil.

Times when it’s easy.

Times when you finish that scene, that piece of description, or dialogue, or action, and you sit back and think to yourself, “Yeah.  I got that right.”

Even if that scene, etc. doesn’t make it into the final draft – and the gods know that I’ve had to cut a few of them out of my own work – those moments are …

I’m going to call them, “Pure.”

Savor those moments.

Those moments when you’re doing what you love to do, as well as you can do it – or maybe even better than you thought you could do it – are so much more than worth the effort it took to get there.

They don’t happen every day. Like anything else worth having, you’ve got to work for them. When you’ve got one, you can put it in your mental pocket for when you need something to take the edge off the slog of the day-to-day. Those times when it’s not so easy. When you’re up before the sun, or you’ve just gotten home from the day job, and you’re looking at the page or the computer screen, wondering if you’ve got it in you.

You do.

Go back to those moments of purity. Remember how they made you feel.

And know that there’s another one up ahead.

You’ve just got to get there.

Good Luck!

Time: 10:43 Am – ish

Music: Dragonforce – Through the Fire and Flames


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