Gentle reader, as Janet Walden-West mentioned a few weeks ago on her blogpost, this time of year is flush with advice on how to manage time and set goals over the holidays.

I suck at both of these things. I start shaking if I have an item in my calendar that does not have a neat check mark beside the box. Invariably, I am too aggressive in setting these goals, and then crumble under the unrealistic expectations. Season that with a few rejection letters, skidding past a few deadlines and then I am not right in the head for at least 3 weeks while I tell myself I can really do this …..

Well, here it is, a brand new year full of promise. This time of year, we all have a tendency to make resolutions that scientifically are proven to fade by March. So what is a writer to do?

Here is my  list of things to consider for a new writing year.

  1. Set a few writing priorities- my favorites are to make me work on areas where I tend to flounder. My focus for this year is to NOT edit ANYTHING until I finish a rough draft. Yours may be to eliminate a favorite writing crutch.
  2. Read three books a month for pleasure- may not seem like a lot, but it gives wiggle room for the living if life and time to write.
  3. Outline any new story before I start writing
  4. Try to use Scrivener more this year- i have a terrible habit of rewriting similar scenes, saving them all as some version of each other in Word and then never really knowing where I am or which file to choose.
  5. Write something by hand every day. I think for me it increases my creativity.
  6. Stick to the same organization system for a whole year- again, I have a dozen notebooks that all have the first 10 pages filled with writing things, but then I start a new one, and there goes my thoughts…
  7. Take a walk with my dog daily, no matter the weather.
  8. Do something fun weekly.
  9. Share my stories, WIP more frequently with my writing group- I always learn something and get great insights, and I don’t share enough.


I hope this list helps give you ideas for your own writing goals this year. Now, it is time to go walk the puppy. Happy New Year-


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  • Helpful ideas! I have a big problem with starting new systems and letting them fade away. I’m implementing a new time management system, which I’m determined to stick to. Bill suggested it and once I wrote down everything I do and finagled slots for everything, I felt this tinge of relief. I think part of my problem is that whenever I’m doing one thing, I feel guilty about not doing something else. If I slot the time for everything in advance, then maybe it will work better.

    I had already decided to try handwriting more. I think I have more luck being creative if I’m not staring at a blinking cursor.

    All of these are good ideas! Thanks!

  • Hmm. I’m writing my shopping list! #amwriting!

  • I’m focusing on one big goal at a time. Right now, I’m going to finish those bloody revisions. (And resume my workout schedule, for my sanity.)

  • I’m not much better with resolutions than I am with deadlines. But I keep trying! 😉

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